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Permanent Hair Reduction
Veet® Infini'Silk
with Pulsed Light Technology

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  • FDA cleared Intense Pulsed Light device for permanent hair reduction
  • Salon hair removal technology for at home use
  • 5 adjustable light energy settings & no need for eyewear
  • Flashes onto the skin for convenient application

If, for any reason, you’re not satisfied with your Veet® Infini’Silk product, we will gladly exchange it or refund it (less S&H).

Smooth Skin Every Day!

A breakthrough in permanent hair reduction at home.

The secret behind our newest smooth-skin product is intense pulsed light technology. When used as directed, a safe pulse of light stops hair growth at the root. Veet® Infini’Silk™ has captured this advanced technology in an easy-to-use device that delivers permanent results. Say goodbye to frequent salon trips and painful waxing, and hello to the confidence and convenience of permanent hair reduction at home.

State-of-the-art technology...

Intense pulsed light technology gives you salon-quality hair reduction, in the comfort of your home! Veet® Infini’Silk™ delivers short pulses of light directly into the hair follicle to stop new growth at the root.

...safe for use at home!

Each Veet® Infini’Silk™ device is constructed with advanced safety features, including a skin color sensor and a recessed lamp surface with a skin surface contact sensor built in to prevent eye injury. These state-of-the-art features make it possible for you to enjoy professional-grade hair reduction treatments in the comfort of your home.

Easy Home Use Without the Pain of Salon Waxing!

  • 1 Prep

    Shave unwanted hair to ensure that the light pulses can reach the hair follicle.

  • 2 Power Up

    Plug it in and press the “ON/STBY” button.

  • 3 Pulse

    Press the pulse trigger as you slowly move the device across your skin.

  • 4 Permanent Hair Reduction

    Most people will start seeing results after 4–5 treatments, and can achieve permanent hair reduction after about 10 treatments.